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BROUGHT TO YOU BY PT. Suryasukses Inti Makmur

Born from experience, Amari is the most anticipated brand that represents technology, efficiency, and break through materials.

As a fully fledged international plastic manufacturing group operating from Surabaya - East Java and Cibitung - Jakarta. PT. Suryasukses Inti Makmur have the ability to create and produce practical to sophisticated solutions and approach on innovative product design to even smallest home industry business until the the major player in the retail business of Food & Beverage, healthcare and so much more.

Now, the company has further expand to the roofing industry. With deep knowledge of breakthrough materials and backed with professionals with decades of experience, Amari will surely satisfies the market with strong, consistent, unique and competitive products. The roofing sheets, manufactured from UPVC, are designed to suit a diverse range of applications in various markets: DIY, factories, construction, architectural projects, agricultural, manufacturing and fabrication. Amari UPVC roof systems are offered as part of the company's commitment on green conciousness. A variety of roofing products and accessories will be introduced on and on as the answer to the nationwide and even worldwide market.

We are committed to create a never ending research and development process,
to always create unique, high performance products.


Continued development and expansion of existing product lines.

Maintaining Suryasukses group’s leadership in adapting existing products to meet the demands of an ever growing and evolving market.

Always put environmental safety and health as our number 1 product priority

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